Raygun Collection : Tea Towel

$ 20.00

Indispensable to every kitchen, tea towels are used to dry china, glassware and silver. We continue this tradition of utility with tea towels that are perfect for tidying up after a meal or snack.

The tea towel design features three ray guns, printed in a rich dark brown:

Gastine-Renette Duel Master - The most famous of the dueling rayguns.

Peacemaker 74.v2 - A classic raygun, with proportions and details that denote quality and utility.

Model #RS. v23.7 - This model is renowned for its dual-bulb illumination and quick-burst rapid fire. 

Sold individually. Each tea towel measures 16" by 28.5" and is machine washable. Tea towels are hand-screened and sewn in California.