Museum of Robots creates retro-futuristic housewares and accessories to complement modern living. Our focus is designing functional, well-made products that have a sense of humor, and experiment with materials, technology, and design motifs. It is inspired by our fascination with robots, the essence of modern and nostalgic, futuristic and retro, technical and playful, functional and entertaining.


What is Museum of Robots?

It's what happens when a sci-fi fan girl marries a vintage toy robot collector and they create products they'd like in their home.


Who is Museum of Robots?

We're Vicki Küng and Richard Küng, designers and robot collectors. Richard has been collecting robots for 25 years; Vicki is a lifelong sci-fi fan who got her first robot at age 6. They founded Museum of Robots in 2008.


Where do you get your ideas?

We love toy robots and mid-century modern furniture, so we're surrounded by inspiration. Add a love of technology, toys, sci-fi books and movies, vintage cars, modern design, Googie architecture and Disneyland, and the resulting mashup is Museum of Robots products.


Is there really a Museum of Robots?

Someday. We've started with the gift store and we'll bootstrap a museum you can visit from there.