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Electric Robot

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Electric Robot

circa 1955

Manufactured by Marx

Robot dimensions: 360 H x 180 W x 150 D mm

Electric Robot rolls back and forth, has light-up eyes, and a button on his back that can send morse code (with the use of a printed guide on the back of his head). The arms can be moved up and down with a twist of knobs near his shoulders. A switch at the back of the base determines whether he moves left or right. Electric Robot was also sold, as Electric Robot and Son. This version came with a diaper-clad robot child that could hang from the Electric Robot’s hand. The toy came in Red & Black and Siver/Red/Gold; plastic. In both versions there are a small set of tools that fit into a drawer in his chest.

Limited Edition Print: 8.5"X11" original archival digital print, signed by photographer.

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